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Dogma Mobile Spa offers Dog Cleaning in the Carillon area. Our team of professionals is the best in pampering your dog. We want your dog to not only look their best but feel their best. Dogma has a genuine love for dogs. This is why we cater to each dog’s individual needs. Your dog is our dog at Dogma the best dog cleaning service.

At Dogma Mobile Grooming Spa we travel throughout the Carillon area. We provide the most modern haircuts for your dog. Our skilled dog grooming services feature several years of experience in cleaning dogs. We know that the best way to care for your dog is to keep them groomed on a regular basis. Regular grooming keeps your dog clean, healthy and happy.

Each grooming session includes:

Slowly, gently brush and comb out your dog’s hair
Provide a mini-massage
Check for fleas and ticks
Trim nails
Clean their teeth
Bathe them with all-natural shampoo and conditioner
Provide flea or medicated bath if necessary
Provide hot oil treatment after every bath
Provide relaxing fluff dry by hand (no cages)
Give professional haircut
Complete reporting on the condition of your pet’s skin and coat

Our luxury dog mobile grooming services are a step above similar dog cleaning companies. This is because we take the time to truly treat your dog like they are a king or queen. Our staff has a passion for animals and cares for them like they are their very own. We serve the South Tampa, Davis Islands, Harbour Island, St. Petersburg, Feather Sound and Carillon.

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