Dog Itching Help in Citrus Park

Dog Itching Help in Citrus Park

Dog itching help in Citrus Park area is available at Dogma Mobile Grooming Spa. Whether it’s irritated skin or a flea issue, we have methods to help ease their discomfort and restore healthy skin and coat.

Sometimes your dog’s itching may be related to the changing seasons which trigger reactions. A soothing oatmeal bath may be all they need. However, scratching like crazy can cause ulcers and drive you nuts. You may need to visit your veterinarian first to rule out any types of diseases that would cause your dog to excessively itch.

Once that is determined, contact Dogma Mobile Grooming Spa if you are in the Citrus Park area. We will come to your place so your dog is not further traumatized. Following your vet’s orders, we will properly groom your dog.

Why Dogma?

Dogma Mobile Grooming Spa carries a full line of natural shampoos and remoisturizing treatments. We will also use any medicated shampoos recommended by your vet. Our Hydrobath system helps ensure that your pet is bathed with the proper amount of shampoo mixed with fresh water. This keeps your pet from being bathed with too much shampoo which can lead to drying out skin. Our cage-free drying by hand also allows your pet’s groomer to carefully examine your pet’s skin from nose to tail so they can alert you to anything that might be troublesome.

Don’t let your pet scratch when it is not necessary. Call Dogma Mobile Grooming Spa today and set up your appointment. We serve the Carrollwood, Carrollwood Village, Citrus Park, Lake Magdalene, Town N Country, Westchase, South Tampa and Tampa areas.

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