Why Choose Dogma in Tampa

Why Choose Dogma in Tampa

Choosing the right place to groom your dog can be difficult. You want a groomer who is friendly, experienced, and most of all, careful and caring for your beloved pet. Dogma in the Tampa area, pampers your pet, providing one-on-one attention to make sure they receive the highest quality of treatment they deserve. You will have peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and sound in the hands of our professional groomers.

Our professional staff has a comprehensive knowledge of all dog breeds. With years of experience in working with dogs, our groomers have become familiar with the many different temperaments dogs may have. Our mobile grooming spa provides a safe, clean, and stress-free environment for your favorite friend.

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Dogma comes to you so your dog does not have to endure a car ride that many pets find stressful. Plus once you get to the groomers, you may struggle to get your pet out of the car and into the salon. Eliminate that issue with Dogma. Dogs feel comfortable and excited because we know how to treat your pet with kindness and put them at ease.

Reasons to Choose Dogma in Tampa

1)      Convenience, no traffic, no getting your pet into the car, and no waiting.

2)      Less stress for you and your pet.

3)      No cages.

4)      Appointment time that works for you.

5)      One-on-One attention from start to finish

6)      No distraction from other pets.

7)      Fast, most appointments are less than an hour.

8)      Temperature control setting for comfort.

9)      Heated Hydrobath for consistency in water temperature. (nice for older pets)

10)   Ultra luxury pet pampering and attention on 4 wheels


Dogma Mobile Grooming Spa is the way of the future for pet cleaning. In the Tampa area, it has never been easier to get your pet properly groomed.  It’s convenient, we arrive at your doorsteps and are done in an hour.  Our van is fully equipped with high-tech gears (IVac clippers, central vacuum, gray water system, hydraulic table, heated water, and its own electrical system).

Mobile grooming is convenient and a much better way to groom your pet. No unwanted barking and noise, your pet is more relaxed making grooming a lot easier to perform.

We serve clients all over the South Tampa, Westchase, Carrollwood, North St. Petersburg, Downtown St. Petersburg, North St. Petersburg, Largo, Dunedin, Safety Harbor and Clearwater Fl.

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